Dental Implants
in Croydon/Burwood –
Getting Your Smile
Back On Track

dental implants Burwood

Dental Implants in Croydon/Burwood – Getting Your Smile Back On Track

Dental Implants in Croydon/Burwood are the best permanent solution for replacing missing teeth, by far. They’re seen as the gold standard of missing teeth replacement and not without good reason. Aside from looking and feeling just like your natural teeth, our dental implants in Burwood/Croydon have a number of advantages over other options of missing teeth replacement.
dental implants Burwood

They’re permanent

Even when you seek out the best dentist in Croydon or Burwood, the fact remains that other forms of missing teeth replacement such as dental bridges and partial or full dentures don’t have as long a shelf life as implant-based restorations. While dental implants, with proper care and maintenance (similarly to our natural teeth) they can last for several decades. On the contrary, in addition to 6 monthly check ups, you’ll need to return to your dentist in Croydon every 7-10 years to get conventional bridges and dentures changed, as the shape of your jaw alters over time.

Kind to other teeth

Because a dental implant is fitted directly into the jaw, it doesn’t rely on other teeth for assistance which, in the case of dental bridges will need to be reshaped to accommodate the supporting framework.

Dental Implants in Croydon halt bone loss

When teeth are missing, a natural process of bone loss starts to occur. Because implants are made from titanium the surrounding bone tissue anchors to it and halts the bone loss process. The result is that jaw bone no longer shrinks and facial features are often rejuvenated, portraying a more youthful appearance in many cases.

Aside from these advantages, there are other reasons why people choose dental implants. Croydon and Burwood residents, for example, who can’t tolerate wearing removable appliances may opt for fixed implant-based restorations instead. Because they remain permanently in the mouth, there’s no chance of embarrassing slippage that you may otherwise get with dentures or bridges.

So, do dental implants in Burwood/Croydon hurt?

Many people assume the process of inserting a titanium rod into the jawbone is painful but with the right Croydon dental care, our patients can rest assured that no pain is felt during the procedure. In fact, Croydon, Burwood, and Strathfield patients who already got their tooth implants in our clinic tell us that they needn’t have worried and that the procedure was over before they knew it. But while dental implants can fail, the system and experienced team we have in place reduces that risk dramatically.

So if you have missing teeth or are fed up with traditional dentures, then come and talk to your ‘local dentist near me’ about our state-of-the-art dental implants. We only use the very best high quality implants which, when combined with our very own dental crowns made right here on the premises, will give you a long lasting tooth replacement that:

• Is aesthetically natural – blending in with the rest of your teeth
• Fully restores bite function and,
• Is simple and easy to maintain.

So why choose us for your Croydon/Burwood dental implants?

We excel at gentle dentistry
Whether you’re seeking teeth whitening in Croydon, teeth bonding in Croydon, or dental implants, Croydon residents can rest assured that we’re highly skilled in the art of gentle dentistry. Combining the very latest techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and patient-focused dental care, we strive to deliver a minimally invasive treatment in a pain-free way.

We Listen
At Dental Spot, we really take the time to listen to your concerns. To us, you’re not just another dental case. Instead you’re a patient who has come to us with a genuine concern and needs a workable solution. For this reason, we’ll talk you through the dental implant process and what you can expect, but in addition, we’ll take the time to answer any questions and/or concerns that you have, enabling you to make a more informed decision.

If you’re considering dental implants, Croydon, Burwood, Ashfield, and Strathfield residents can rest assured that the experienced team at Dental Spot can take care of your every need. From initial consultations right through to design, fabrication, and final fitting of your implant crown, we guarantee that when it comes to your implant-based restorations, our focus is on you, every step of the way.

Call us at (02) 9158 6115 and schedule an appointment with the Dental Spot team. We’ll help you to get your smile back on track!

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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