General & Restorative Dentistry

It is essential to maintain healthy teeth, especially during this day and age where many things have risen to higher costs, especially in the dental industry.

That is why we want YOU to look after your smile. It is so important to maintain your oral health, and so we recommend your 6 monthly check-up and clean with us, where we can discuss your pathway to a healthier and happier you. These small regular routines count, and you will notice how much of a difference it will make especially in the long term.

Need some work done? Don’t worry; we are here to encourage you to take the next step in restoring your teeth back to its general health. Need a filling? No silver or amalgam fillings needed! Today in our modern age we use new and improved materials to simply seal any cavities, decay or cracks that you may have in your teeth; and its all pain free!